Who Makes These Things!?

As I look around my desk, I see many things. Garbage and paper scraps are certainly present, but there’s other things as well. Mainly posters and photos, as well as a drawing. I keep looking around, and I wonder who made some of these images. I know who made the photo’s of my friends and family that are above my desk, but who designed my Walking Dead poster?

Now, I know AMC is the company that produces and airs the show, and Image Comics produces the comic books (which are way better, seriously). I have this poster though, and it’s basically just zombie heads with the text “the Walking Dead” across the bottom. It says “AMC” in the corner, but that doesn’t mean they designed it. See, I consider myself a designer, so I often think about what kind of person the designer would be behind X design. Sometimes I’ll wonder “Who the hell designed that piece of garbage?” Other times it’s “My mind is blown. Who the hell designed this beautiful masterpiece!?” In this case, I have no idea who designed my poster. I don’t even know the firm that did it! I guess that’s fine though, since it’s not that cool. Okay, it’s moderately cool.


You know what it cool? The drawing of Jimi Hendrix that’s framed and on my wall. I know who drew it, but I do not personally know who drew it. My mom actually found it in the basement one day. The story goes that her friend drew it for her while they were at the bowling alley downtown in our town. The guy that drew it was a talented artist, and everybody knew that he was going to go far, and that he was going to “make it.” That was about thirty years ago, now he’s a notorious drug user and town drunk. I’ve never met the man, but it makes me sad to hear that. It makes me especially sad, since this picture of Jimi Hendrix is the coolest drawing I’ve ever seen. I keep it around for inspiration, in fact.

It’s always cool to know who the author is behind things. Well, most of the time it is. However, knowing who the author, artist, or designer is would give the piece all new context, and can alter the meaning. For me, the drawing of Jimi Hendrix went from a piece that meant “awe that’s so cool,” into sort of a reminder to never fall off, and to stay focused.


The Most Beautiful Place in America

One of the most beautiful place in New York, and perhaps even the entire United States, is the Adirondack Park. Tall pine trees for miles, large mountain ranges, deep blue lakes, there is no place I’d rather be than up north in the Adirondacks. I consider myself lucky, because for the past four summers, I’ve called the Adirondacks my home. My summer job is a camp counselor at a boy scout summer camp called Camp Russell. I would personally consider Camp Russell to be the most beautiful place that I have even been to. Sure, it’s located on the beautiful White Lake, and settled in a nice Forrest, but it’s beautiful in another way too.

Camp Russell is great, because this is where we are training our youth to be leaders. Not just leaders, but kind, fair, knowledgeable, and skillful leaders. It’s a beautiful thing to see kids better themselves, and it’s great to play a role in that. Some of the kids we get at camp come from very poor families, or broken homes, and camp is a breath of fresh air for them. The best experience in the world is knowing that you’ve made an impact on a young mans life. To me, that’s more beautiful than any lake or forest.

That being said, the camp itself is absolutely gorgeous. Like I’ve said, it’s located on a large, beautiful lake. At camp, we have our own waterfront for boating and swimming. We even have a floating dock, which is great to lounge out on and check out women. I mean, it’s good for life guarding and protecting our future leaders (seriously though, there are some beautiful girls on that lake). The camp itself is split into three sections: the water front, the main camp, and the CA or “Conservation Area.” The main camp is great because all of the buildings look rustic. They even have hand-carved totem poles built into the buildings that act as support beams. It fits right into it’s surroundings, everything is rustic and old looking, which is perfect. We have a wide open field for playing games, and more importantly attending flag ceremonies and eating meals. The Conservation Area is an entirely different story. It’s basically one square mile of pine trees. We have trails back there that go over huge rocks, through some cool swamps, and by neat little lakes. It’s great to just go back there and truly admire nature.

Like I’ve said before though, the lake is gorgeous. I’d say that it’s where my friends and I spend most of our time (and not just to check out girls). There’s just something alluring about the lake, and it’s hard to describe. When you sit down on the floating dock, or even on the banks, you just don’t want to get up. It’s a kind of place where you just want to sit down and let time pass in front of you. In a world where everyone’s in a hurry and chaos is a lifestyle, it’s good to just sit by a lake once in a while, and stare out at it as time rushes past you, like a wave breaking against the shore.