Reddit, and Why Other Sites Seem Useless

Hello there reader! Being a guy on the internet means that I go to various sites on the internet for my latest news and opinions. Scratch that, It meant that I did, several years ago. Then I discovered Reddit. For the incredibly few who don’t know what is, it is a social news and media website where users upload content that they have found or created themselves. It’s really the ultimate news site. Before becoming a “redditor,” I used to visit many, many different sites to read about music, video games, news, or view cat photos, funny viral clips, and even porn. Reddit has all of that, and more! In fact they have a “subreddit” (or forum) for everything imaginable, including cute animals, games, politics, nude women, nude women in politics, and space dicks (dont ask, just go to

I waste my time on Reddit, but what about the old sites I used to frequent? Well, I check back on them every now and again. When I do, I find the same god damn Reddit articles that I’ve already read, only this time they are posted hours later and often out of context or warped to match each websites agenda. Now, that’s only because these news sites look to Reddits large user base who are constantly uploading content to gain karma, a point system that has no bearing on real life, much like gamerscore or your best score in minesweeper. Not only do news sites steal from Reddit, but Redditors steal from news sites. These people are so damn quick, they basically link an article as soon as it comes out. Why should I go to any site when some neck-beard is refreshing a news page every ten seconds, so he can be the first to post how cats cured cancer onto Reddit.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Guy, everybody knows about Reddit, this isn’t interesting at all! You’re right: I suck. But, school just started so I’m just getting into the groove by talking about something I know. Stay tuned, I’ll have more things to say. I’m thinking maybe a comic for tomorrow? Who knows! Find out if I deliver, next time on “A GUY ON THE INTERNET!