The Harlem Shake, Not So Much a Renaissance.

So, it’s been about a week now since the harlem shake is still on top. Don’t worry though, it won’t be around for too much longer. The LA times recently went over eight reasons on why the meme would die out soon (check it out here). They’re all pretty reasonable and legitimate reasons, like the fact that they’ve become too extravagant, and that the Today Show did it

Like all memes on the internet, the Harlem shake will die out, and sooner than you might think. There’s simply no originality left to the movement. I mean, how many times can I watch an office building move around awkwardly, not even doing the Harlem shake. I don’t understand, why are all these people doing the same thing that other people are doing it? It’s not like a lot of these are really going the distance to separate themselves. For example, can you tell me the difference between Harlem Shake V.3 and Harlem Shake (College Humor Edition). They both take place in office buildings, they both are full of white folks that can’t dance, random people have some form of costume or mask on. Why bother doing it if you’re not going to bring something new to the table? That’s all I’m saying. 

Now, that’s not to say that there all of them are boring office videos. I mean, the UGA Men’s Swim Team did it underwater. I’d say that’s cooler than some people on bleachers or in an office. What’s really cool about the UGA men’s swimming video is that they make it unique to them. That is to say, they have a set of skills that allow them to do the harlem shake in a way that the College Humor office can’t. That’s what makes the harlem shake cool: to see all the different ways people are doing it, and how they are applying their own skills, background, occupation, and creativity into it. Another example is the Firefighter Harlem Shake, which is my personal favorite. It’s cool because those are real fireman, in a real firetruck. Listen, firefighting is pretty damn serious, so it’s cool to see them get down in a chicken suit with spiderman. Once again, the firemen one is cool because it’s a video that could only be put together by a firemen. If it was just some folks in fire gear in some vapid white room, it’d be boring. 

To all you would be Harlem Shaker’s out there: get creative before you make a video. Really think about what would make your video stand out. Don’t just simply grab your friends, get naked, put on a horse mask, and hump the air. That’s been done, at least 254 times in the past week. Really think about what makes you or your group unique, and go from there. I swear to god, if I see another office doing the harlem shake, I’m going to lose my shit.


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